Racialicious featured in Bitch magazine

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Racialicious has been getting a lot of love lately!

Bitch magazine — whose tagline is “the feminist response to pop culture” — profiled me in their latest issue, and had great things to say about this blog:

Updated just about daily, Racialicious is almost obsessively thorough in its media monitoring… From lists of the most interesting Asian characters on TV to ruminations on race and body art, Racialicious offers a wealth of topics for debate and debunking…

In a culture where everything from airline commercials to Craigslist personals are wrought with racial and ethnic stereotypes that go largely uncontested, it’s not surprising that Racialicious has had to expand both its focus and its medium in order to meet the demand for smart, critical cultural analysis.

Download a PDF of the article if you’d like to read the whole thing. Also, here are a couple other recent interviews I’ve done. Be sure to check out their web sites, as both non-profits are doing really important work.

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