VH1 nixes new reality show because it’s not ghetto enough?

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

VH1 nixes new reality show because it's not ghetto enough?According to EURWeb (hat tip to Stereohyped), VH1 recently nixed a potential new reality show called “Interracial Love” because it wouldn’t feature enough crapping on the floor and spit-fights:

An employee of the network leaked information about a production meeting regarding a potential new show titled “Interracial Love.” According to the employee, network execs passed on the idea because it would feature professional black women who choose to look beyond race to find true love. The images would be in direct contrast to those shown on such shows as “Flavor of Love” and its spawns “I Love New York” and “Flavor of Love: Charm School.”

In a letter written to Black Press Radio, the employee shared what she was told went down behind closed doors in a meeting about the show. According to the employee, the exec said: “It is our thoughts that the viewers are more interested in seeing black people in a ghetto role. This show will not sell.”

VH1, however, denies the allegations:

“VH1 receives hundreds of unsolicited ideas for shows a week and has dozens of original programs in development,” said Wozniak. “As is often the case, we immediately passed on this pitch because it does not make sense for the network at this time. But we are always open to ideas that fit in with our music and pop culture focus.”