Mexicans wear awful hats … and will give you AIDS

by guest contributor Laura Martinez, originally published at mi blog es tu blog

Talk about ads that speak for themselves. This print campaign was assigned by Marie Stopes, a British NGO, warning Brits about the dangers of unprotected sex. What’s more embarrassing -his hat or what he might give you? asks the copy showing, what else?, a guy wearing a big Mexican hat (similar to that of my friend Pedro, from Pedroland)

According to Mexico’s press reports, the NGO has apologized to the Mexican government, saying it was not its intention to single out Mexicans as purveyors of deadly diseases, and that the posters were distributed through several British clinics years ago.

OK, but what about the hat? can someone tell the Brits that –even though we ALL wear these things on our heads– we don’t actually write the word MEXICO on them… How ignorant is that?