Action alert: save Kenneth Foster

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Update: Success! The governor commuted his sentence. More here.

From RaceWire:

For only the third time in history, the Texas Pardons and Paroles Board has voted (6-1) to commute Kenneth Foster’s death sentence. But that means we have only 24 hours to pressure the Governor to sign the order and save his life. Please take a minute this afternoon to call Governor Rick Perry and demand that he save one innocent life: 512-463-2000.

And more from Too Sense:

Consider that your mere presence at the scene of a capital crime, whether or not you actually committed the crime in question, is enough in Texas for a court to end your life. This is not simply a matter of mistaken identity, as with Troy Davis; even those arguing for his conviction do not believe he committed the murder. It is quite literally, his association with the murderer that provides the case for his guilt and execution.