When truth is stranger (and more racist) than fiction: i.Beat blaxx and Pedroland

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

What do an MP3 player and an amusement park have in common? Both were so over-the-top that I was convinced they were hoaxes. Until I found out otherwise.

TrekStor is a German company that manufactures MP3 players and other small electronic gadgets. They decided to name their latest MP3 player i.Beat blaxx. No joke.

(hat tip to Stereohyped and Eric R)

Pedroland is an amusement park in Dillon, South Carolina whose entire theme is a racist caricature. No joke. This is the copy on the homepage:

pedro got 112 meelion amigos, who stay weeth heem, opp teel now all satisfy come back, send frans…thees make pedro ver’ HAPPEE…like for frans come back all time…pedro hope YOU make 112 meelion and wan happee amigos! you come back soon, too, yes?

Holy crap.

Oh and don’t forget to check out the Sombrero Tower.

(hat tip to Laura Martinez and Carlos)