How to suggest news stories to Racialicious

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

As you’ve probably noticed, I publish a post (almost) every day with links to various articles and blog posts on topics related to race, racism and pop culture.

If you’d like to suggest a link, the best way to do it is through is a way to bookmark pages and keep your collection of bookmarks online, accessible from anywhere. But it’s also got some great ways to share your bookmarks with others.

If you already have a account, or if you’d consider signing up for one, you can simply tag a story that you want to submit to racialicious with the tag for:racialicious and it’ll show up automatically in my inbox.

The reason this is easier than email is that I actually use to automatically publish these links every morning. I bookmark things as the day goes on, and the following morning, those links I bookmarked get automatically published here as a post. That also means you can find all the articles we’ve ever linked to using this method on Racialicious’s page.

I really appreciate the fact that many of you email me your suggestions, but due to the volume of email I get, these have a tendency to get lost in the shuffle. Using is definitely the best way to go. Thanks everyone! :)

To learn more, check out this excellent beginner’s guide to using