links for 2007-05-24

  1. ‘Hate’ columnist Eng arrested in N.Y. for alleged harassment

    Thx AAM! “Kenneth Eng, the author of a controversial AsianWeek column that described reasons to “hate” black people, is being held in a New York jail without bail on assault and harassment charges.”

    to asianamerican hatespeech

  2. no sleep ’til shanghai and other stuff on dvd – angry asian man

    “Todd Angkasuwan’s No Sleep ‘Til Shanghai is out on DVD this week. It’s a documentary that follows Jin’s eight-city tour of Asia in the fall of 2004. It’s an interesting look at hip hop and its fans from a global perspective, seen through the eyes of Jin

    to asianamerican asian hiphop movies music 

  3. Al-Qaeda Issues Specific Call to African-Americans – Jack and Jill Politics

    “There is no chance that Al-Qaeda will find recruits among us. Still, al-Qaeda’s propoganda bears watching if only because racist Republicans will use it as a way to poison our positive trajectory…try to drive a wedge between us and other progressives.”

    to terrorism muslim africanamerican black

  4. African American Muslims Are More Disillusioned About America Than Immigrants Of The Same Religion / Stereohyped

    “the study found that African American Muslims more unhappy with America and, along with younger Muslims, were more likely to have extremist views.”

    to muslim politics 

  5. Sherman Alexie on Watching the NBA Through a Racial Lens – TrueHoop

    Thx Rob. “many white fans, having no player like Larry Bird or even Tom Chambers to root for, have consciously and/or subconsiously turned that lack of a special white player into an indictment of the league in general. And since the league is black it be

    to nba racism sports white black

  6. Canada Threatening to Deport Nicaraguan Because They Don’t Believe He’s Gay – VivirLatino

    “a young gay man…who ran away from Nicaragua at the tender age of 12 to escape the abuse he dealt with at home from his homophobic father…Orozco’s initial asylum claim was denied because the judge did not believe that Orozco was gay.”

    to glbt latino hispanic discrimination

  7. Wanna Coke in Cuba? No Problem ! – VivirLatino

    “Believe it or not, despite the U.S. Embargo against Cuba, you can drink a Coke while smoking a Marlboro, wearing your Jordache jeans and Nikes”

    to business politics international 

  8. Spider-Man 3 – Ramblings in Space and Time

    Hat tip to Angry Black Woman. “Peter Parker does indeed seem to be transformed into a strange stereotype of a black man. He becomes a sexual predator. He plays jazz piano. He struts down the street while classic soul plays, Shaft-like, in the background.”

    to movies africanamerican black sexualstereotypes

  9. Gay flamingos’ adoption joy – The Sun Online

    This is the cutest thing. Hat tip to Jae Ran. “A pair of gay flamingos have finally become proud foster parents after taking an abandoned chick under their wings…had been so desperate to have chicks that they had resorted to stealing eggs”

    to adoption glbt

  10. Down with the brown – Resist racism

    “Much in the way that men often get praise for doing the simplest thing for their children while women’s work is largely ignored, white people are often unduly praised for speaking out against racism…And that is privilege.”

    to anti-racism white whiteprivilege 

  11. Airline cuts ad after sexism complaint – Reuters

    Thx Wendi. “Spanish airline Iberia has cut an advertisement showing black Cuban women in bikinis bottle feeding a baby tourist as he sings “feed me mulattas … come on little mamas, take me to my cot” after complaints it was sexist.”

    to advertising sextourism sexism racism

  12. Lawyer: Duke cheating case hits Asian students hardest –

    Thx Judah. “All of the students expelled in a cheating scandal at the Duke University business school were from Asian countries, while other students were punished less severely, their attorney says…”

    to education asianamerican asian academia 

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