links for 2007-05-16

  1. If Obama Won’t Support Affirmative Action, Then I Won’t Support Him – Too Sense

    Thx Latoya. “Obama’s appearance on ABC’s “This Week” appeared to not only accept several Right Wing myths about affirmative action, but the Senator from Illinois suggested that the program were no longer needed to correct black underreprestentation.”

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  2. War among blacks is too easy to ignore :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Mary Mitchell

    Thx Latoya via Stereohyped. “What are we to do now? …Blair was the 16-year-old Julian High School junior who was killed Thursday when a 16-year-old gang member opened fire on a 103rd Street CTA bus.”

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  3. Is Oprah the new Imus? Joan Walsh – Salon

    Thx Latoya. “Oprah Winfrey, one of the most powerful moguls of media, is getting away with bragging to Howard University graduates on Saturday that she has “some really good white folks working for me.””

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  4. Eugene Robinson – A Question Of Race Vs. Class –

    Thx Latoya. “Barack Obama doesn’t think anyone should cut his two daughters any slack when they apply to college — not because of their race, at least. In the unlikely event that the Obama family goes broke, then maybe.”

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  5. Many Whites Still Smugly Tie Their Racial Blinders Tight – AlterNet

    Thx Deb. “Too many liberals bash Bush policies, cheer Michael Moore, and swoon over Obama, yet see absolutely no harm in racial stereotypes, especially anti-black stereotypes.”

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  6. “TV just got a lot whiter,” says George Lopez (LA Times TV Tracker Blog)

    Thx Ananser. “Lopez’s show outperforms frosh comedies, survives “Idol”, personal setbacks, and lack of network support only to die at the hands of… The Cavemen!”

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