links for 2007-05-15

  1. Viva la revolución! – Asia Pacific Arts

    Thx Geraly. “Viva recalls the story of a Hapa woman named Barbie, played by Anna Biller…and her struggle to find herself, happiness, love (and potentially a few STD’s) in 1970s Southern California during the sexual revolution”

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  2. Imus producer: Sharpton a ‘race-baiter’ – Yahoo! News

    Thx Ananser. “Bernard McGuirk, Don Imus’ former producer, and Al Sharpton, together on combative debate for Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes” show last Friday. McGuirk called Sharpton a “race-baiter” looking for attention, while Sharpton said Imus and

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  3. Too Hot for School?- (CA)

    Thx Ananser. “He defends his use of “darkie” as similar to blacks using the N-word. “I use ‘darkie’ every day,” he said. “I use it in the context that I’m Indian and I’m black. I’m a darkie.”

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  4. Violence Against Immigrants Builds

    Thx Tereza. “Plots to attack immigrants with grenades and semi-automatic weapons were uncovered in Alabama, Maryland and Washington, D.C. The lack of official condemnation of, and the lack of media attention to, this violence has created a national numbne

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  5. UK pop starlets vie for America’s heart of darkness

    Thx Ananser, who says: “Best dissection yet on the Joss Stone/Amy Winehouse/Lily Allen issue.”

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  6. Two more shock jocks fired over racist prank

    Thx Tereza. One month after the firing of radio host Don Imus, a pair of suspended New York shock jocks have been permanently pulled from the air by CBS Radio for a prank phone call rife with offensive Asian stereotypes.

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  7. GQ EDITOR RIPPED FOR SLUR – New York Post Page Six Online Edition

    Thx Ananser and Johnny. “GQ editor Jim Nelson uses the phrase “Asian whores” twice in the May issue in the Letter from the Editor discussing the hit DVD “The Secret,” which preaches the power of positive thinking.”

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