links for 2007-05-10

  1. Tom the Dancing Bug – Salon Comics

    Thx Kyla. Poking fun at Uncle Ben’s rebranding and imagines how other racist marketing icons might be reinvented: Chief Wahoo, The Frito Bandito, Lucky the Leprechaun, and Mrs. Butterworth, an “offensive stereotype of the WASP matron.”

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  2. Indictment in civil rights-era killing – Yahoo! News

    Thx Kyla. “A 73-year-old retired state trooper was indicted Wednesday in the 1965 shooting death of a black man — a killing that set in motion the historic civil rights protests in Selma and led to passage of the Voting Rights Act.”

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  3. Student apologized at University of Delaware forum on racism

    Thx Tereza. “University of Delaware sophomore Lauren Boroski says she wasn’t thinking when she and others dressed as Latino gardeners and gangsters for a South of the Border party that offended a campus Latino group.”

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  4. Catholics and evangelicals leap to Romney’s defense –

    Thx ananser. “”Extraordinarily bigoted” was how Romney described Sharpton’s [who] said, “as for the one Mormon running for office, those that really believe in God will defeat him anyway, so don’t worry about that, that’s a temporary situation.”

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  5. Child’s arrest angers Minn. tribe – Yahoo! News

    Thx Kyla. “The 11-year-old boy was led from his school in handcuffs, held overnight in a juvenile detention center, and hauled into court in shackles and an orange prison jumpsuit. His crime? Missing a court date to testify as the victim of an assault.”

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  6. For African-Americans, Folly of This War Hits Home –

    Thx Tereza. “Even today African-Americans by far lead the way in calling the war a mistake. According to Gallup, 85 percent of African Americans say it was a mistake, compared to 53 percent of white Americans.”

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  7. jessica biel as chun li in street fighter? – angry asian man

    Oh hell no. Jessica Biel is going to play Chun Li in the new Street Fighter movie? 2007 is just all about the yellowface/blackface/colorface.

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  8. Verizon Drops Pop Singer From Ads – New York Times

    “Verizon…quietly moved to end its affiliation with Akon last week after critics, including conservative political commentators, called attention to a video of him simulating sex with a fan onstage during a club performance in Trinidad several weeks ago.

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  9. Bookstore Ghettoes – RealClearPolitics

    Thx Latoya via Stereohyped. “If Rachael Ray had been black, there are bookstores where her cookbook would not be displayed in the same section with all the other cookbooks. It would be displayed off in a special section for black authors.”

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  10. Latino group criticizes University of Delaware honor fraternity’s party as offensive – U.S./ Northeast Region –

    Thx Wendi. Here we go again. “Party photographs…showed some students at the unsanctioned, off-campus party dressed as gardeners wearing work shirts with “Pedro” and “Jose” name tags, and a racist slur scrawled across the back.”

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  11. ‘NAPPY HEADED HO’S’ – THE DVD: Porn producer films black women with tightly curled hair willing to have sex for money. –

    Thx Wendi. “Porn company Kick Ass Pictures is attempting to capitalize on the Don Imus ordeal with the release of its new DVD “Nappy Headed Ho’s,”…will feature “girls with closely twisted or curled hair…who have sex for cash”

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