Black Girls Aren’t Going Wild

by Racialicious special correspondent Latoya Peterson

While I was browsing the Stereohyped blog, I came across this posting:

If You Want Black Girls To Go Wild, You Better Have Your Checkbook

Breast-lover Tyra Banks must have felt slighted by the lack of brown mammaries on display in Joe Francis’ Girls Gone Wild videos. It prompted her to ask him in an interview on her show why his videos only seem to feature white co-eds.

“Here’s the problem with black girls,” he says in the interview, airing Monday. “They want to get paid. … [Other girls,] I just ask and they do it.”

While it’s comforting to know black girls won’t demean themselves at the drop of a hat, the feeling is short-lived, because, apparently, some would for the right price. One only has to turn on Rap City to figure that one out.


My first thought:

Joe Francis spat three stereotypes in one fell swoop: the loose white woman (co-ed), the sexually puritanical black woman, and then the gold-digging, cash-for-ass black woman. Great. Is there an award for most stereotypes in two sentences?

My second thought:

He has a sick kind of credibility though…I guess he would know.

My third thought:

Is being an unpaid extra in Girls Gone Wild better or worse than being compensated?

My fourth thought:

Why is Tyra always involved?

Anyone else want to wager a thought or two?