What you missed on Race in the Workplace

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

In case you haven’t been checking out New Demographic’s latest blog, Race in the Workplace, here’s what you may have missed:

The HR department protects the company, not you
I interview career columnist and blogger Penelope Trunk about her new book, “Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success.” She’s full of counter-intuitive advice, like why reporting discrimination to HR may be the worst move you can make, why sexual harassment may actually be a career booster, why you should hope for a little incompetence on your boss’s part, and why $40,000 is the magic number to happiness through financial success.

Motivational video from Ernst & Young: Be happy or else!
An unintentionally hilarious motivational video from accounting giant Ernst & Young. Who knew auditors had such soul?

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Our weekly roundup of the best on the Web. Why a great job, lots of money, responsibility and respect still may not be enough to make you happy. How blogging can help you get a new job. How to do better in phone interviews. And much, much more.

Watercooler: When the chair of the anti-racism committee is a racist
This is the section of the blog in which we share with you real-life horror stories from the frontlines of race in the workplace. What happens when the chair of the anti-racism committee is prone to using terms like “Chinaman,” “Oriental” and “A-rab?”

As “all-American” as apple pie?
I write about the code words we use when we try to not sound racist. Words like “all-American” have a meaning that we all understand. And as you’ll see in the story I relate, it specifically excludes “half-Chinese” folks like me.