Sports Roundup: Dice-K, Nascar, and Joakim Noah

by Luke Lee, Racialicious’s sports correspondent

“Dice-K” mania rolls on as the World Baseball Classic MVP wowed the MLB world with his dazzler of a win against the Royals. What’ll be interesting to watch is, as some sports-writers have noted already, that Japan might have a thing or two to teach America about training pitchers (as well as stereotypes).

Everyone’s heard about the Little Rock Nine. But has anyone heard about how when the school was forced to de-segregate, they “inadvertently broke up one of the country’s greatest football dynasties.”

We all know the stereotypes about NASCAR fans: White, low-income, and from the south. This is, of course, ridiculous because there are NASCAR fans of all kinds everywhere. And while the sport doesn’t get a fair shake when it comes to how it’s perceived by the world, it does have some responsibility in working to change that without the suggestion that the “non-white” crowd is suddenly interested in NASCAR.


Too late.

And yes, I know those are more Chevrolet than NASCAR, but when you’re using the most popular drivers in the commercials, come on.

Around this time last year we all heard about Joakim Noah as the Florida Gators clawed to the top of March Madness. This time it’s the same story except Joakim, as caught on YouTube, wants you to know something: