Fertility clinic mixup results in “black” baby for “white” parents

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Ugh… Here we go again.

OMG! A “white” couple gives birth to a “black” baby! Quick! Get a DNA test! Find a lawyer! From The New York Post:

A Park Avenue fertility clinic’s blunder has left a family devastated – after a black baby was born to a Hispanic woman and her white husband, the couple charges in a lawsuit.

The mistake, made during in-vitro conception, wasn’t discovered until Jessica Andrews was born – and it became clear she didn’t look anything like her mom, Nancy, or dad, Thomas, the suit says.

The baby’s complexion was much darker than that of her mom – a light-skinned native of the Dominican Republic – or dad.

“Jessica doesn’t look like them,” said the couple’s attorney Howard Stern, of Long Island.

When Thomas and Nancy Andrews asked their doctor, Manhattan obstetrician Martin Keltz, what was going on, he allegedly told them that Jessica’s condition was an “abnormality,” and assured them she would “get lighter over time,” according to the couple’s suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

But they found out the truth when DNA tests proved that Jessica – born in October 2004 – was not conceived with Thomas’ sperm.

Wonder how Jessica is going to feel when she grows up knowing that her darker skin caused such panic for her parents, and landed her family on front-page news.

I’ve ranted before about the obsession with “million to one,” “black and white twins.” But this is the flip side of that same coin: the horror of anonymous black sperm infiltrating a “white” womb. Because let’s face it: the only reason this story is newsworthy is the racial angle.