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by Carmen Van Kerckhove

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Last Chance! Tomorrow’s Live Teleseminar on Myths About Interracial Relationships

Not Just Fetishists and Race Traitors:
Challenging the Ways We Look At Interracial Relationships

Date: Saturday, March 31, 2007
Time: 5:00 p.m. Eastern time / 2:00 p.m. Pacific time
Length: 60 minutes
Fee: $19.99 for either the live teleseminar or recording

Even after John and Yoko, and Heidi and Seal, interracial relationships are still considered taboo. Society’s discomfort is especially obvious in the media, where interracial couples are constantly exploited for eroticism or shock value. In this seminar, Carmen Van Kerckhove examines the historical origins of this tension and explore the common assumptions made about interracial couples. Carmen demonstrates that while race plays an undeniable role in shaping the dynamics within interracial relationships, it does so in far more complex and subtle ways than people may initially think.

Here are just some of the questions this teleseminar will address:

  • Why is there such a fascination with interracial sex? (try Googling “interracial” and see what you get)
  • What historical legacies have created ambivalence towards interracial relationships?
  • Why do people associate the race of your partner with your racial loyalty?
  • Why is it that images of interracial relationships are dominated by black/white couples, when in reality, blacks are the least likely among people of color to marry interracially?
  • Why are Asian women 3 times more likely to marry white men than Asian men are to marry white women?

As a bonus, all attendees will receive a free copy of the special report The 10 Biggest Trends in Race and Pop Culture.

Please note:

  • If you’d like to pay by credit card instead of PayPal, click one of the buttons below and look in the lower left-hand corner where it says “Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem, continue checkout” and click the link there.
  • The recording will be made available within 5 business days of the teleseminar date.

Have a look at the PowerPoint slides for this teleseminar to get a sense of what we’ll be covering:

links for 2007-03-30

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

  1. Back To Roots – afrobella

    “I found myself annoyed, but not surprised by this opinion piece in the Guardian Unlimited, where the writer facetiously compares slavery to the Irish potato famine…The African slave trade can’t really be compared to any historic tragedy.”

    to african black caribbean slavery

  2. The Teacher Behind the Movie ‘Pride’ – NPR

    “The new film Pride is based on the story of math teacher Jim Ellis, who fought off racial prejudice in 1970s to put together an all-black swim team in north Philadelphia. He continues to train young black swimmers.”

    to africanamerican black athlete

  3. Indian American Transracial Adoptee Faces Deportation for Criminal Record « The Transracial Korean Adoptee Nexus

    Thx Nate! “A transracial Indian adoptee’s parents did not get him citizenship when he came to the US when he was three. This paired with his growing criminal record has resulted in possible deportation back to India. He speaks only English…”

    to asianamerican desi immigration internationaladoption transracialadoption

  4. Marketers, Gingerly, Bite at Parody Bait – New York Times

    “Heeb published a full-page parody of Streit’s in late 2003. “We were just goofing off,” Mr. Neuman said. But then, Streit’s got so much positive response from the ad that the company paid to run it in the next issue, and has been paying for ads e

    to advertising jewish magazines

  5. Calls For Torys Head In Racist Blackingup Row – Barnet Times

    Thx Tereza! “A Barnet councillor has been widely condemned after appearing in fancy dress with his face blacked-up to make him look like Nelson Mandela”

    to blackface politics

  6. Plastic Surgery and Erasing Ethnicity – reappropriate

    Thx Sylvia! “This article quoted patients who supposedly did not see the surgeries as subscribing to Westernized ideals of beauty, though the patients acknowledged that they were seeking larger eyes and straighter noses.”

    to asian asianamerican beauty

  7. Foreclosure Wave Bears Down on Immigrants –

    Thx Tereza! “Immigrants are emerging as among the first victims of a growing wave of home foreclosures in the Washington area as mortgage lending problems multiply locally and across the country.”

    to immigration latino hispanic

  8. Reuters AlertNet – Black US airmen honored for fighting Nazis, racism

    Thx Tereza! “The first black U.S. Air Force unit will finally receive national recognition this week for fighting a double war — one against the Nazis abroad, the other against racial segregation at home.”

    to africanamerican black history military

  9. What happens when white women rape black boys? – Race and Politics

    Thx Kirshan! “The Associated Press is reporting that two white women teachers have been arrested for allegedly have sex with six male students — all black…the women were released on bail.”

    to rape black white sexualstereotypes racism

  10. Does Joss Stone sound too black? – Audiofile – Salon

    Thx Liam! “the facts of white privilege and the unequal economy of cultural exchange will always render Stone’s blatantly appropriative style of music-making an intellectually and emotionally fraught proposition.”

    to music white culturalappropriation

The strange phenomenon of Sanjaya on American Idol

by guest contributor Angry Asian Man, originally published at Angry Asian Man

Apologies. I have not yet written anything about the inexplicable phenomenon known as Sanjaya Malakar, who has defied all logic and somehow managed to survive all the way into the top ten of this season’s American Idol. I say this because it’s general consensus that the kid is easily the worst of the bunch, and he should’ve been axed a long time ago, yet somehow people keep voting for him. I’ve particularly enjoyed these blogs on the matter: Sanjaya Must Be Stopped; Bringing Balance to the Force.

Better performers than Sanjaya have already been sent home. I haven’t been following the competition very closely this season, but I’ve seen Sanjaya perform a couple of times, and he’s waaaaay out of his league. The love/hate frenzy over Sanjaya is intense! Things got really bizarre on last week’s show when they kept showing this crazed, crying girl in the audience during his performance, apparently moved to tears by the S-Boy’s rousing rendition of “You Really Got Me.” Maybe she’s the girl who keeps calling to vote. There’s also an extremely vocal anti-Sanjaya movement out there fueled by people who are truly horrified at the prospect of him winning the competition. They believe this is a crisis, and they’re out to preserve not only the sanctity of American Idol, but the very notion of American democracy. One American Idol viewer has even gone on a hunger strike: Starvation for Sanjaya. According to her MySpace page, “So until the day that Sanjaya is no longer American Idol, I will be going on a hunger strike. This means I will refuse to eat anything until American Idol voters wise up, and stop voting Sanjaya through each week.” That is some crazy kind of dedication.

And Vote For The Worst, a website proudly dedicated to destroying American Idol, has been urging visitors to vote for him. The logic is, what better way to demonstrate the suckiness of Idol than to have everybody vote for the suckiest guy to win? Maybe they’re the ones responsible for this. The xenophobic reaction, of course, is to point to all the South Asian voters (millions of them!) who are allegedly keeping Sanjaya in the competition. Maybe they are. Whatever the case, I find this all highly amusing. Heck, I’d love to see the South Asian kid win. And I’d love to see the takedown and ridicule of Idol even more. If Sanjaya wins, I’ll be laughing. We’ll see if he survives another round this week…

Got a burning question about race?

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

As I mentioned in last month’s New Demographic email newsletter, I’ve been working with the Science Museum of Minnesota on their new exhibit, “RACE: Are We So Different?,” developed by the American Anthropological Association.

I’m a featured “Scientist on the Spot.” This segment of the web site features experts (not only scientists) from various fields, and allows visitors to submit questions to those experts, either from home via the museum’s web site, or from the museum via a computer station.

I’ll be “on the spot” from now through to April 5. So if you’d like, please submit a question to the web site! I’ll be answering up to five questions per week. The questions will be selected by the museum and posted to the site.

So far I’ve answered the following questions:

  • What paths brought you to the position you are in now?
  • Why do you think we are “addicted to race”?
  • How do racial stereotypes start?
  • What is white privilege?
  • What’s important to teach little kids about race, and how do you do it?
  • I was recently at a meeting where the term tolerence came up, and someone said that tolerence should not be our goal – we should not merely tolerate others, but we should accept and welcome them – this I thought was an excellent point. How come tolerance is so often a goal when it seems that is setting the bar so low?
  • What percentige of the U.S.A’s population still believe in racism? Also is there anything we can do to stop racism? Final question is if someone is a racist is there a way to try to get them not to be racist?