Study: racist language common among white college students

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Given the proliferation of “ghetto” and “gangsta” parties, blackface and racist “satirical” student newspaper articles lately, the results of this study come as no great surprise.

From The Associated Press:

A University of Dayton sociologist who analyzed journals kept by 626 white college students found the students behaved substantially differently when they were in the company of other whites than when they were with other races.

Part of the culture?
When the students, who were asked to record their interactions with other people, were alone with other white students, racial stereotypes and racist language were surprisingly common, researcher Leslie Picca found. One student reported hearing the “n-word” among white students 27 times in a single day.

The results suggest white students have little sense of shame about racial insults and stereotyping and treat them as simply a part of the culture.

“This is a new generation who grew up watching ‘The Cosby Show,”’ Picca said. “They have the belief that racism isn’t a problem anymore so the words they use and the jokes they tell aren’t racist.”

Picca said she found it “heartbreaking” to see so many well-educated students perpetuating the stereotypes.

Friday Fun: the black coach anthem

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Jay Smooth’s latest video blog post (is that the right terminology?) on having two black coaches at the Superbowl had me cracking me up. I thought it would make a good Friday Fun item. Plus, I know that we’re always a little light on the sports side of pop culture (although I did recently anoint Luke as our official sports correspondent) so hopefully this balances things out a bit.

Just a quick shoutout to Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy, plus a little love for Herm Edwards. Got a little silly playing with the editor on this one.

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Tommy Lee Jones gets lost in translation

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

I found this gem on Screens, The New York Times blog about online video:

Just as Bill Murray showed in “Lost in Translation,” the Japanese Suntory ad appears to be a rite of passage for a cadaverous-complexioned American male actor of a certain age.

Bill Murray’s Japanese ad campaign, of course, was just fiction.

But these Jones spots are for real!

According to Shanghaiist, this is one of a series of ads in which Tommy Lee Jones plays an alien who looks like a human being, and who enjoys drinking cold canned coffee. Here are the others commercials in the series:

No. 1: Jones visits a gyudon (beef bowl) restaurant
No. 2: Jones works in a warehouse
No. 3: Jones works in a supermarket
No. 4: Jones works as a mover
No. 5: Jones works as a mover (again)
No. 6: Jones works at a karaoke club

[If you’re reading this in an RSS reader and can’t view the video, please click on the post title.]

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