Link Love: MultiCultClassics

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Introducing a new series on Racialicious: Link Love! I’m going to use this series to shine a spotlight on some of the blogs that I consider daily must-reads. So if you’re looking for new blogs to add to your daily media diet, you’re in the right place.

First up is MultiCultClassics, written by HighJive, an anonymous person or team of persons (it’s all very mysterious) who are insiders in the ad industry. They do a great job of tearing apart those lame-ass “we care about diversity” ads that every company nowadays seems to run, and also weigh in on general race and pop culture issues.

MultiCultClassics has also done a phenomenal job of covering the ongoing investigation by the New York City Human Rights Commission into the advertising industry’s hiring practices (check out episode 43 of Addicted to Race for more on that). Basically, the ad industry is so incredibly undiverse that the entire industry is under investigation.

So go check it out and say hi to HighJive for me. :)