Show about Asian-American family premieres on PBS this month

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Check out the clip below from Eric Byler’s (director of Charlotte Sometimes and Americanese) new TV show, My Life Disoriented. If you like what you see, send email PBS to express your support! Here’s some background from Angry Asian Man:

My Life Disoriented, a short film directed by Eric Byler is scheduled to air on PBS this month. It’s about a Chinese American family whose lives get turned upside down when they move from San Francisco to the middle-of-nowhere Bakersfield (apologies to everyone out there who actually lives in Bakersfield). I saw it at HIFF, and found it really genuine and engaging. Check out clips on YouTube here and here. It’s actually a show pilot, with PBS and several other networks including MTV considering it as a series. What? An Asian American family on television? It could happen. A lot depends on audience response to broadcast premiere, as well as these YouTube clips. If you like what you see, it might be a good idea to contact your local PBS affiliate to say that you love the clip/will watch the show/want to see more shows, etc. (please copy the show’s producers on any emails sent: It could make a big difference as to whether or not My Life Disoriented really becomes what it was meant to be. So tune in, or set your Tivos. For a list of local stations and broadcast dates, go here. To learn more about the series, go here.