Ugh! Black/white racism and Rosie’s lame apology

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

What a freakin’ nightmare. As you might have noticed this blog was down practically all day. My host had to reboot my databases or something like that (I have no idea) and so my last two posts have completely disappeared.

Update: Oh looks like some comments got deleted too, so sorry folks. Please re-post if you remember what you wrote.

I don’t have time to repost everything, so basically I’ll ask you to please go and read these at their original blogs:

Beyond black and white racism – Reappropriate

Jenn takes on CNN’s lame black/white-only approach to racism:

How ironic, then, that the same article that purports to examine institutionalized, subtle racism is, itself, perpetuating the Black-White paradigm of race relations in America…

Based on the article, one would never even consider the effect of racism on non-Blacks or non-Whites; race becomes perceived as a problem that oppresses only African Americans, while those of us who are neither Black nor White become lost in the shuffle — despite the very real racism that we, too, face. With the Black/White paradigm, non-Blacks and non-Whites are faced with only two checkboxes to indicate their racial affiliation, neither of which describe us even remotely. Imagine if the National Census were using that system of racial self-reporting.

Rosie just apologized! – MAMAZILLA

Geraly tackles Rosie’s lame-ass so-called apology on The View this morning. Also check out Angry Asian Man’s take on it. Also, the video is here on YouTube:

then… THEN, i almost wanted to strangle someone. first of all, joy behar seems pretty dismissive of the whole thing. then, either she or rosie says something like,” are there any asians in the audience?” and two asian women in a front row wave. joy asks them if they were offended by the ching chong and they go “NO!” and clap and say “it was really funny”.

WTF!!!??? were they planted there or something???