A preview of VH1’s ‘I Love New York’

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Buffoonery alert!

TV Squad got their hands on a preview of the Flavor of Love spin-off series, and it sounds rather horrendous:

VH1’s I Love New York (the spin-off of Flavor of Love, which was the spin-off of Strange Love, which was the spin-off of The Surreal Life) is set to debut on Monday, January 8 at 9PM. Kick off the new year with a bit of trashiness! This is the new cast picture of New York (Tiffany Patterson) and her victims lucky bachelors. The flamboyant fellow in pink is the Big Rick to New York’s Flavor Flav (so, his job will be to follow New York around and tell her how great she looks). I’ve already picked my favorite of the bunch… the blond guy in the button-up and khakis. He’s in it for the long run, folks!

Since it’s all men this time around, I didn’t expect the catfights we’ve come to love on Flavor of Love. Boy, was I wrong! I’ve seen a few previews online for I Love New York and, although there aren’t as many acrylic nails or weaves flying about, fists will be thrown and feelings will be hurt. There is also a suspiciously large number of well-defined eyebrows.