Latest dance craze: the “not a baby daddy” dance

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

The Best Week Ever blog just coined the phrase “the ‘Not a Baby-Daddy’ dance” and sigh… I have to say it’s quite apt to describe the crap we see on daytime talk shows. Buffoonery alert!

In the world of Daytime TV Paternity Testing, there is a beloved tradition known as the “Not A Baby-Daddy” Dance, in which a young man – having just discovered that he is in fact NOT the father of the child he thought he had with the girlfriend/wife/whatever who previously informed him that she has cheated on him many times over – launches into a complicated celebratory dance routine that includes a) jumping out of his chair triumphantly, b) rolling across the stage with joy, c) pointing at and taunting his onetime loved one, then d) chanting victoriously as the woman walks off stage. When executed properly, it is a marvelous thing of beauty, and this clip, taken from today’s Maury, is one of the finest examples this blogger has ever laid eyes upon:

Also check out this example that our little brother Philip Arthur Moore posted on his blog awhile back: