Comedian: James Kim died because “Asians are such bad drivers”

by guest contributor Susan Ito

On Thursday, December 7th, the nonprofit group Death Penalty Focus, led by actor Mike Ferrell, held a benefit comedy night at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco. It included a great lineup of comics and stars like Aundre the Wonder Woman, Will Durst, Billy Steele and even James Cromwell, most famous for his role as the Farmer in “Babe the Pig.”

i'm an assholeBut first a little-known comic named Brad Wollack came to warm up the audience. One of the first things he said was, “I’m here because of nepotism.” And I totally believed it. This guy, despite being a native of San Francisco, was so woefully disconnected to this audience. I’ve got to believe that his regular gigs must be in… um, I don’t know? Where is the most ignorant town on the planet? He made some snide comments about homeless people. And people with AIDS. Not a snicker.

Then he dug himself even deeper. He said, “Yeah, that family that got lost in the snow in Oregon. Big tragedy, yeah, I feel bad for them.” I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to hold my hands over my ears. I wanted to wing a huge glass bottle at his head. He kept going though. “What can you expect though? Of course they got lost, because everybody knows that Asians are such bad drivers.”

I really wanted to fling myself off the balcony and throttle him with my bare hands. Or weep. Or both. I really regret that several hundred of us did not rise up and throw him out on the street.

Silence. Groans. Someone yelled, “You’re a jerk!” Um, that was an understatement. I guess this guy went to the Kramer school of Komedy. So here’s his face. Here’s his name. BRAD WOLLACK. Asshole. If you’re ever in a position to pay money to go hear him, (even if you’re paid money to go hear him)… don’t.

Also, if you feel inclined to give Mr. Wollack a piece of your mind, email him at

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