by Carmen Van Kerckhove

congratulationsJust a quick note to congratulate a couple of our friends in the blogosphere for winning awards recently.

First up, congratulations to Tariq Nelson, who blogs about “the problems faced by different groups within the American Muslim community, the American Muslim Community as a whole and the Ummah in general in hopes of creating some dialogue to solve the problems.” Tariq just won in the “Best Thinker” category for the Brass Crescent Awards!

And congratulations also to the blog gay persons of color for winning two Canadian Blog Awards: gold in the Best Cultural Blog category, and silver in the Best New Blog category! The (anonymous) man behind the site is “a native Montrealer, gay, male, Filipino, Asian, Pacific-Islander, Québécois, Canadian, English-speaking, French-speaking, North American, and more depending on how you see. I am looking to document and explore the diverse vantage points of being gay and of color.”