Survivor Brad Virata’s coming out story

by guest contributor gay person of color, originally published at gay persons of color

brad virataIn a recent interview with Josh Aterovis at, Survivor: Cook Islands contestant Brad Virata talks about his experience on the show, being a role model, the “Nancy boy” comment, and much more.
Here is one excerpt:

AfterElton: Did you ever feel your sexuality played into the game at all? Did your tribemates know?

Brad: Everyone knew. I’m surprised that CBS didn’t show my whole coming out story. We had a powwow, sort of a roundtable campfire discussion when we merged, and that’s when I told my story. I told the story about the tattoo I have on my arm. It means “love” in Chinese, and I had gotten it with my father, who has the same exact tattoo, after I came out to him.

It’s unfortunate that the segment was edited out by CBS. The story of coming out of the closet to one’s father and then going out with him to get identical tattoos marked “love” is exceptionally positive, and it would have been a nice real story to watch amidst some of the overproduced drama of so-called reality television.