The Office: are you on Team Karen or Team Pam?

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

the office team pam team karen t-shirtsHehe… The Best Week Ever blog is fanning the flames of a war between The Office fans who want Jim to get with Pam, and those who want him to get with Karen (played by Rashida Jones). You can even buy a T-shirt to declare your allegiance!

Now that the midterm elections are over it’s time to start making some very serious decisions. Namely, who are you rooting for Jim from The Office to get with: Pam or Karen?

Lindsay Robertson and Claire Zulkey have chosen sides (Lindsay = Pam, Claire = Karen) and have posed arguments on each others’ blogs. They’ve even made T-shirts. We already know which one we’re ordering… Sorry Pam.

I have to say, The Office is probably one of the smartest shows on TV right now in terms of the way they handle race. All those painfully awkward moments… and I absolutely adore that ditzy Kelly, a character who would probably traditionally have been a dumb blonde, is played by the brilliant (and desi) Mindy Kaling. Take that, model minority myth!

I’m also curious to see how the race thing is going to work out with Rashida Jones’ character. Like, is she basically playing white in this role? Or will she turn out to be black and/or mixed?