Sacha Baron Cohen: anti-racist activist?

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

boratHmmm…Interesting factoids about Cohen from Wild About Movies:

Baron Cohen was involved in the ARA anti-racist alliance for many years – actually marching against fascists and racists in London and against apartheid in the 80s

The Times wrote a piece entitled “Ali G Creator is in fact Leading Civil Rights Scholar,” which examined how Baron Cohen made a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Martin Luther King while doing research for his dissertation in Cambridge. Entitled “ A Case of Mistaking Identities – the Jewish Black Alliance,” the thesis examines the nature of cooperation between the African-American and Jewish communities and suggests ways of how to improve relations in the current day. His professor describes it as a major work of importance on the civil rights movement and is suggested reading for history students in Cambridge.

Da Ali G Show has been commended for its positive effects on race relations by the CRE [commission for racial equality]

Da Ali G Show led to lectures during police training, on why it is crucial not to see the population solely in terms of black and white.

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