Links for 2006-10-24

Can Black Rock Save Black Culture? – Marketing Pop Culture
“Since we can’t count on the school system to get them excited about playing instruments, the impetus must come from popular culture. Black musicians have to make it seem cool again. And the only ones who are in a position to do that are black rock mu

Angelina Jolie Faints for Third Time in Third World – Best Week Ever
“India is a hot country. Now imagine how hot it is when you’re in blackface! Real hot (sources say this is why Al Jolson never made it over to New Delhi — too risky.)”

Panel: Brown U. should own up to slavery –
“As part of its research, the committee had discovered a document hanging in University Hall…that mentions slaves whose labor helped build it…it identified roughly 30 members of the college’s governing corporation who owned or captained slave ships.

Black Candidates and White Voters –
White voters often tell pollsters they support black candidates, but they don’t always follow through. The phenomenon was first noted in 1982, when LA Mayor Tom Bradley lost a squeaker of a race for governor after being widely projected as the winner.

The Real Karamo [from The Real World] –
“Gender constructs were thrown in the air and viewers did not know how to function without seeing stereotypically gay men prancing across the screen being a spectacle for the MTV cameras. Karamo Brown’s impact was clear…”

‘Slick Rick’ Challenges Deportation Law – NPR
“In 1996, Congress passed a law demanding that foreigners convicted of violent felonies be deported. But Rick Walters says some are being unfairly targeted…”Slick Rick,” discusses his complex battle over deportation…”

IFC to translate ‘AMERICANese’ –
Thanks Angry Asian Man!”IFC is speaking “AMERICANese,” scooping up North American rights to the Hamptons Film Festival pic for its First Take label. Movie is based on Shawn Wong’s novel about Asian-American identity, “American Knees”…

Mora Mi-Ok Stephens: Our Next Justin Lin? –
“I have also heard some say this isn’t really an Asian Pacific American film, so why should our community to make any special effort to support it? That’s a wrong approach. This is a quality film made by an Asian American woman. How many of those do we get?”

At Long Last, a Neglected Language Is Put on a Pedestal – New York Times
“More people speak Portuguese as their native language than French, German, Italian or Japanese. So it can rankle the 230 million Portuguese speakers that the rest of the world often views their mother tongue as a minor language…”

Emergence-SEE! – Theater – Review – New York Times
“the black experience varies so widely in contemporary America that each man and woman sees the slave ship with a different set of eyes, approaching it with excitement, fear, skepticism, opportunism and even…a mixture of embarrassment and irritation.”

Dad to Madonna: Whoa, Mama – New York Post
“…he explained yesterday that at the time, he believed that “when David grows up, he will return back home to his village.” Banda said he never was told that the adoption papers he had signed meant that David would no longer legally be his son…”