Monday’s Tyra Show is on interracial dating

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

tyra banks show interracial dating(Thanks to Tariq for the heads-up on this!)

Monday’s episode of the Tyra Banks Show is going to be about interracial dating. Click here to watch a video preview, but here’s the description from their web site:

What is your first reaction when you see men and women of different ethnicities holding hands or kissing? Tyra continues her ongoing race series, and gives her audience an in-depth, controversial look at interracial dating. Interracial couples discuss the stigmas they face on a daily basis and respond to shocking comments and perceptions made about them by a focus group. Tyra also invites an interracial gay couple to the show to see if the same prejudices occur in the gay community. Plus, the cameras follow two women on controversial race-related dates, where one dates a man outside her race for the first time, and another dates within her race for the first time.