YouTube Wire: rednecks, white nerds, hebrew crunk and more

by guest contributor Luke Lee, Racialicious’s senior YouTube correspondent
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rednecks tvDespite nearly a week of constant videos of or concerning the now infamous Bill Clinton interview, the folks at Rednecks TV clawed to the top spot of This Week’s “Most Viewed” with their latest episode, episode nine. The first thing you notice, of course, is the glaring Confederate flag that Rednecks TV uses as background and illustration which for now doesn’t seem to have anything to do with their show despite their association of the Confederacy and the south with being a supposed redneck. Now, basically this is a show where two guys sit at a table and talk and do various “tests” and “product reviews.” They don’t seem to talk about race at all beyond saying “redneck” a few dozen times and for the most part, it’s just an assortment of fratty phallic-humor jokes…

weird al white and nerdyAs previously touched upon on Racialicious, Weird Al Yankovic has a new video out where the chorus line is “White and nerdy” and that pretty much says it all. What’s important to note, however, is just how popular the music video is and how well it’s received in user-ratings and comments. There are a few versions of the video floating around and in total there must be well over 500,000 views so far and not to mention a solid 4/5 stars rating. People love this stuff…

hebrew crunkAnd speaking of Blackface-Without-The-Actual-Blackface type humor, one of the things that really clogs my toilet is when people try to make jokes by pairing two things that are supposedly “completely opposite.” In this case we have a cartoon of Lil’ Jon and a Rabbi in “Hebrew Crunk!” Cue the rush of people running to the local Halloween store to buy fake dreads, sunglasses and gold teeth just so they can say “Yeaaaaah,” drink lots of alcohol and act like an idiot to “play the part” in a few weeks… And as you’ll notice is a recurring theme on YouTube: some idiot doing blackface.

jamaican blackfaceNow with this guy, his whole joke is getting you to believe that he’s completely serious about trying to dispel the stereotypes Jamaicans. He’s churning right along as all BWTAB acts do in “acting black” (read: suggesting that to “act black” is to, among other things, talk incoherently and wildly) until he busts out the burnt cork and fake dreadlocks and it pretty much continues the nosedive from there…

mr pregnantFunny enough, I only saw this video because it was “In response to” this video which in reality it’s not a response to the video (it’s just a cheap way that YouTube users get viewers by linking to other popular videos). Now this video by the famous and disturbing Mr. Pregnant is one of the reasons why people hate and love YouTube: he’s singing and otherwise acting all crazy but people just eat it up. But of course, he goes one step further and titles the thing “The Village Negro” (because, I guess, he’s singing a Village People song) and the negative comments proceed to say things like “this negro needs a job”…

blue and caraBlue and Cara are supposedly two friends from North Hollywood (I say “supposedly” because of the Lonelygirl15 hoopla) and a video of Blue, who is Asian, is getting a lot of views as well as some pretty racist comments on top of the hordes of sexist ones. I’ve seen so far everything from calling her “that pornstar, what’s her name, China Terriara” to “Oriental sex” and “Margaret Cho without the money” then “OMG HOT ASIAN CHIKC I WANT TO BANG” and of course people asking “Chinese or Japanese?”…

dancing indian kidAnd finally, I don’t know what exactly to make of all this but everyone seems to be forwarding this video like bananas. What I think is interesting is that despite nobody really knowing where the hell this video comes from or even what this movie is called, people title the clip things like “Dancing Indian Kid” and “Breakdancing Indian Midget” or “Little Indian Kid”…

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