Welcome to Racialicious!

by Jen Chau and Carmen Van Kerckhove

Thank you for visiting us here at Racialicious (formerly known as Mixed Media Watch). This is a blog about anything and everything at the intersection of race and pop culture.

So, what’s new?

New Name
Those of you who listen to our podcast, Addicted to Race, probably recognize the name from a regular segment we used to do on the show. So why did we pick it for this blog? Well, we thought it captured the spirit of what this blog will be like: irreverent, funny, pop culture-obsessed, but still with a critical eye towards issues of race and racism.

New Domain/URL
Of course, with the new name comes a new domain name as well. So please make sure you update your bookmarks and blogrolls! From now on this will be the new home of our blog. We will keep our Jan 2005 – Sep 2006 archives at the old www.mixedmediawatch.com domain and if you really want to go way back, you can still check out our 2004 archives at the old Xanga site.

New Ways to Subscribe
With the new domain name come new RSS feeds! To receive email updates whenever we put up a new post, click here. To subscribe to our RSS feed in your feedreader, click here. No idea what the heck we’re talking about? Not to worry, you’re not alone. Check out this excellent, easy-to-follow explanation of what RSS is all about.

New Email Address
Update your address books! Our new email address is team@racialicious.com.

New, Narrower Focus
Our old blog was a bit of a catch-all. Although our main focus was media, we would often also cover topics like parenting, education, the workplace and so on. Racialicious will be firmly focused on race as it relates to pop culture. Not to worry though, we still care very much about those other topics. So much, in fact, that they will each be getting their own blog in the weeks to come! We believe that organizing the info this way will allow for even deeper and more precise discussions.

As always, we’re looking for tips on stories we should cover from all of you. And if you’d like to be a guest contributor, check out this page for more information.

We hope you enjoy this revamped blog! Email us with your feedback, ideas and suggestions. :)